maandag 16 juni 2014

Le Creuset and all mine

Yesterday I finally bought a Le Creuset pan. After years of looking at it, it was time... And it's so beautiful!

I'll probably won't make any fancy recipes with it but, hey, it's great for making pasta sauce, checken curry and home made meatballs. I couldn't be happier!

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Enjoying winter, weekend & Christmas

How's this for enjoying the weekend before Christmas. 

Hot chocolat is on it's way! I love these kind of days...

zondag 8 december 2013

Christmas tree @ home

Yesterday we've put up the Christmas tree. It's one of the largest we've had!

This is how I'll see the tree everyday, in the evening when I come home from work.

Are you busy with the Christmas preparations?

zondag 1 december 2013

View from my balcony

Just before the rain will start to fall, let me show you the view from my balcony.

Because this area is build in the 1930's, you'll see a lot of green around here, even in the fall.

zondag 24 november 2013

Sunday morning @ home

Sunday morning, rain is falling and we're having breakfast & reading magazines.

Reminds me of the Maroon 5 song I love...

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Saturday afternoon

This saturday features a lot of doing nothing. During the week I'm too busy to enjoy my house. So more reason to enjoy  it today...

woensdag 6 november 2013

Early breakfast

Time for a early breakfast during a work week... 

A few more minutes and then I have to go...

maandag 4 november 2013


Busy on a Sunday with mealprepping, making several meals ( Hachee, Dutch stew) for the coming week.

zondag 28 oktober 2012


It would almost seem that I've forgotten about you but nothing could be further from the truth. What is the truth? There's a Dutch saying that if you don't have the time then it's not a priority and I try to live by that rule. What has happened in the meantime will take too much of your time. What I can tell you is that I've switched jobs and am working outside of The Hague which means less time at home and more time in the car on my way to work. I've enjoyed the summer and now the switch to Fall. I've ran a 10 miler in Amsterdam in September and did really well! And now I'm back doing weight training and feeling really good about it! 
In our house I haven't done very much decorating lately. I'm waiting for Christmas season to start and then I'll decorate more. Lately I've been living this 'less is more' lifestyle and have been doing that in our home too. Eventually we would really like to move in a few years time and have a lot of little things to do around the house. Hopefully it will sound familiar when I says that we've been postponing those little things for a while now. But newly found exitment is building up inside me and there will come a time when I can take full advantage of it. Meanwhile I'll just wait for the feeling to be finalized to start, ha ha
I promise to blog more regurlary because I've really missed it! It's a way for me do document my life and share it with the world. Thank you for your patience, it will not happen again!
For the Dutch speaking bloggers around, please also check out my Dutch blog Havermaud. Here is where I write in Dutch and talk about healthy living, oatmeal and my day to day business.
Talk to you soon!