zondag 7 juni 2009

The new couch...

A few posts ago I told you that our house was sold and that we were looking for a new house. Well, a few things have changed...

The buyer of our house backed out of the sale which means that we lost a whole month trying to sell it. We saw a house we really wanted to buy and were about to make an offer but couldn't do that because we want to sell our house first.

What we did do was already buy a new couch for the new house. We were both really in love with it but also had to cancel it. But we are positive that very soon everything will turn out fine and that we can move into our dream home and sit on the new couch.

What do you think, will this couch match with the Egg chair that some day will be in the house too?

The Conran shop in Paris

Before we went to Paris, I read some articles in Dutch interior magazines about Paris and made a list of shops where we had to go to. On the top of my list was the Conran Shop. When we were in London last fall I didn't know about the Conran Shop until we got home and then it was too late. So when I found out that there was an shop in Paris as well, we just had to go!

I didn't quite know what to expect but when I saw my favourite Egg chair by Arne Jacobson and in red too!! I knew I was going to love it!
After sitting in it for a few minutes and feeling like I was in heaven I asked S to sit in it. He doesn't really understand my fascination about this chair and hopefully he would understand it a little bit once he tried the experience! Of course I hade to make a picture !

Well, he likes the design and it sits ok but thinks it's too expensive... Hm, that's means I'm not getting it for christmas this year...

When we looked further, I saw another one! So quickly, before someone of the staff saw me, I made another picture!

Beside the fact that the chair is about EUR 5.000,00, I realised I couldn't take it with me on the train back home... Well let's save the money first and then I will see where to buy it, ha ha. Or maybe S will give it to me for christmas. What do you think?

There were also these Eames chairs which I love but S thought that it wouldn't sit very well. Hmm, I might have to agree but so what if it doesn't sit perfectly, it looks amazing!