donderdag 21 mei 2009

The Eiffel Tower

Even though I have been to Paris many times, I have never been to the Eiffel Tower. So this time it was finally time to see it. Unfortunately, the weather was not so great so it was no point to go up and see the view.

What facinated me was that in different parts of the city, you could see the tower because it is so high. So every change I had, I would make a picture!

View on top of the department store Galerie Lafayette

View from the Louvre museum

But please don't think that it is romantic when you're by the Eiffel Tower... Unless you think that groups of children standing in line to go up the tower and making a lot of noice while men trying to sell cheap souvenirs and coming up to you every 30 seconds is very romantic. But still, something that you need to go and see for yourself!

Paris, part II

There's something about the Louvre... I love being there, especially sitting outside and watching all those people. I love the architecture and the way it all comes together.

And it is so strange when you're inside the pyramide, before you go downstairs to the musem. So amazing!

And those who have read of seen the Da Vinci Code... Well, in real life, it is a bit different. The painting is small and look how many people there are... It seems that people are still facinated by the Mona Lisa

Close by the Mona Lisa, there's a painting of Napoleon and Josephine which I find very interesting.

Paris, part I

So last week S and I went to Paris for 5 days. It was nine years ago since I last been there en S has never been to Paris before so we thought it was time to go.

We took the train, which takes about 3 1/2 hours from The Hague to Paris, Gare du Nord. I recommend travelling by train if you're doing a tour through Europe.

The hotel where we stayed was in the area Montmartre and after checking in we went strolling around and went to the Sacre Coeur. Look how busy it was!

There's a great view over the city. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't that great but still worth the effort in making a great pricture!

And the building itself, well it is just beautiful...

At the end of the day, we had dinner on the corner of a small street which was nearby a metro station. And don't you just love those metro signes! And what about the buildings... I would love to live in a building like that!

Well, this was just day one... More to come...

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

Paris, here I come...

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to say HI and tell you all that tomorrow we're off to Paris for 5 days! I can't wait and I'll promise to make lot's of pictures and show then to you!

Also, our house was sold last week en we need to find a new house before the end of August because we need to be out of the currect house by then. So we have been looking on the internet and been visiting several houses. So hopefully in a few weeks time I have more to tell you...

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!