maandag 30 juli 2012

After-wedding decorations

Last week, I recieved a lot more photo's of the wedding. Offcourse I would like to hang them all around our home but I don't want to make it a wedding memorial place, ha ha!

So I decided to hang a few photo's together in one place. And I used old wooden frames. I think it looks very lovely!

zondag 15 juli 2012

Honeymoon part three: Florida


Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts after I did my daily run!



Watching a baseball game of the Tampa Bay Rays!


Spending the day at Wet’n Wild, couldn’t take any photo’s once we were inside because we were to busy getting on all the rides!



Entrance of Universal Studios



This is the last photo that we took of Universal Studios… Once we got inside, the battery went dead…!



One of the lovely beaches of Florida.



Relaxing at the beach. Usually it was too hot to sit down and we would walk along the shore



We much more enjoyed the pool that came with our holiday home. The temperature was better there and we had it all to ourself!


So, this is the last post of a very nice and unique experience for us: the wedding and honeymoon. Life has gotten back to normal, working, etc. But this is a lovely memory for us and one that’s nice to share with you all!

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Honeymoon part two: New York

We stayed for five days in New York but it could have easily been two weeks, we enjoyed the city so much. So here’s part two of our honeymoon in the big apple



Greenwich Village



Having breakfast at Magnolia Bakery!



The skyline of Manhattan from Brooklyn



On top of the Empire State Building



The Empire State Building I



The Empire State Building II



The streets of New York


We made about 500 photo’s of New York alone! I could fill this whole blog with them but I won’t and leave it as it is. Next stop…? Florida!

maandag 9 juli 2012

Honeymoon, part one: New York

After the wedding, we got changed and friends took us to the airport where we stayed for the night in a hotel and left for our honeymoon the next morning, bright and early!

Our first destination was The Big Apple! We both never been there and were really looking forward to it! I call tell you all about what we did and saw but I'll let the photo's speak for themselves...!

Times Square

On the Staten Island Ferry looking at the Satue of Liberty

World Trade Center

Apolla theatre in Harlem

The Guggenheim museum

Lake at Central Park

Cycling in Central Park

View from the Empire State building

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Wedding day May 25, 2012, part three


IMG_0556 IMG_0556 
And what’s a wedding without a beautiful weddingcake!
We tried to feed eachother but couldn’t stop laughing!
The day was so beautiful and went outside to take a few photo’s.
And have you seen my shoes! I loved them but they really hurt!
But they were soooo beautiful so it’s worth the pain, ha ha!
Goodbye everyone, we had a wonderful day and we’re off on our honymoon!

maandag 2 juli 2012

Wedding day May 25, 2012, part two

The wedding ceremony was so special and intimate. We asked our closest family and friends to be there and spend this special day with us.


The ceremony was personal but with a lot of humor.


A lot of jokes were made, we really loved it!


We said our ‘I do’ in front of our witnesses. In the Netherlands there are no best man and maid of honour. They’re called a witness and they agree to be part of the wedding and they are our support during our marriage, in good times and in bad. They stood beside us when we said I do.


Our little nephew gave us the rings. He did such a good job!


Exchanging rings is always a funny moment. I couldn’t get the ring on S.’s finger and finally he had to put the ring on himself!


And here’s the evidence: we’re married!

End of part two…

zondag 1 juli 2012

Wedding day May 25, 2012, part one

It has been a while, sorry that I’ve been off the blog radar. This have been busy with the wedding, the honeymoon and going back to work when we got back. I have been using Twitter a lot trying to inspire people to have oatmeal for breakfast and showing some photo’s of the honeymoon. So now it is time to show you a few photo’s of our wedding day!

Normally, it’s a tradition that the bride sleeps at her parents’s home and then the groom picks her up from there. We decided not to do this because we already live together for some time and also because my parents are divorced and both of them don’t live in the same city as us and we wanted to get married in The Hague. So we both got changed in our home, not at the same time because I didn’t want him to see my dress! S. got dressed while I went to the hairdresser. When I got back, I got dressed upstairs and S. went upstairs to come and get me. Here we just had seen each other in our bridal wear!


Then we went by taxi to the wedding location, Pulchri Studio, together with the photographer which is my brother in law.


When we arrived, our guests were standing outside to greet us, it was such a special moment!


We said hello to them all and went to a seperate room and waited while the guests went to the venue where the wedding would took place. We made some photo’s in the meantime.


And then it was time to get married! We made our entrance.


We sat opposite the guests to we could see everybody.


And then the ceremony got started…


End of part one