zaterdag 24 juli 2010

The frozen fountain frame

Remembered I bought an frame at the Frozen Fountain, you can read the post here. Well, I finally found a great spot for it and not where I initially intended to hang it...

It now hangs with a other frame made of old wood I already had. Now they hang together next to the kithchen and it looks great, don't you think?

The new/old cabinet

Well, the cabinet is finished and I think it looks great! It's only painted with a primer to give it a plaster look. Maybe it doesn't show on the photo but when you look at it, you can defenitely see it!

We use it in the walk in room, not a closet, ha ha. We switched the bedroom and the room with the clothes a few weeks ago because we could hear our nextdoor neighbour at night and it is better not to know certain things about your neighbour, if you know what I mean... So now the room with the clothes is huge and it needed a cabinet. We use it for storage and toiletries.

The next project is an cabinet that used to belong to my grandmother and is supposed to stand in the hallway. I will let you know when the end result is ready!

zondag 4 juli 2010

De Bonte Kamer

Yesterday, I went to a store called de Bonte Kamer. This is a store that I found on the internet. They sell furniture from Eastern Europe for a reasonable price. I wasn't quite sure where it was because it said in the city centre of the Hague. So went I was there I was pleasantly surprised. It is located in a warehouse in a great neghbourhood in the city. The guy who works there helped me find the cabinet that I saw online. When I paid he helped me get it into the car and when I got home, I knew it was a great purchase.

It is suppose to go under the tv but I have to sell that first so now it is next to the tv. I actually think that it looks great now too!

Last week I also bought this cabinet online and picked it up last week. I want to paint it in a grey colour and put new knobs on it and then it's brand new again.

I'll show you the after when I'm finished. And check out the website of de Bonte Kamer, they also ship internationally!

Sunny breakfast

So, I don't know how you spend your sunday mornings but mine is very peaceful. Just having a glass of orange juice outside, enjoying the sun. It has been great weather all week and I'm trying to enjoy it when I'm off work.

Last friday was the very important worldcup match between the Netherlands and Brasil and it was the hottest day of the year so far. So after the Dutch won the match(Hup Holland Hup) all the people in the street went crazy, especially the children! Everybody were outside cheering and cars were driving and waving with Dutch flags. It was just so beautiful to see everybody so happy. I really hope that we win the worldcup! I think then there's going to be a great party in Amsterdam and I want to be there and enjoy the atmosphere. But now the focus is back on and we have to beat Uruguay first.
Yes maybe you're surprised but it's not only my home and furniture that I love, ha ha.

Well, I'm about to go out and visit family. I wish you all a great day, enjoy the sun and relax!

donderdag 1 juli 2010

Above the couch

Last week we decided that something should be hung above the couch. The wall is pretty long so we had to come up with something big because otherwise it would look silly.

And we decided that it would be best to hang different kinds of things. I think it looks great. I printed some of my favourite photo's and the great thing is that it's possible to change it if I want to.

We bought the shelves and the white frames at Ikea, the pink one is a gift but I know it's bought at Zara home and the black ones are from Hema.

I'm waiting for S. to come home from work so that we can pick up an cabinet I bought online. I have already have paint waiting for it. I'll make an before and after to show you the result! And saturday I'm going to de Bonte Kamer, a store that sells secondhand furniture from eastern Europe. I saw a cabinet that we can use as a tv cabinet. All the details will follow!