zondag 1 augustus 2010

Have a great week!

I just want to wish you all a great week, whether working or being on holiday. If you have to work, just a few more days and the weekend is there again ;-). And if you are on holiday, it can't last long enough, can't it? Unless you have children that's drive you mad, ha ha. Well, I'm working for three weeks and then S. and I are going on holiday, to Alicante, Spain and I can't wait. Let me know what are your plans this weeks, I'd love to know! Enjoy and talk to you later.

New Book Maak Het ( Make It)

Last week I bought a new book online. The book is called 'Maak het!' written by Machteld Stilting, it is in Dutch and is about 20 women between 27 - 45 years old who have an creative webshop. It is a shame that this book is not in English because it is so inspiring. It tells the story of the ups and downs of starting and owning a webshop and selling your our selfmade stuff online.

I especially liked the story of Ingrid of Wood & Wool Stool. She works in a hotel, like me, and makes stools of used wood and makes a cover for over the stool. I think that's such a great idea. And because I'm a stool fanatic, I have to have one. Ok, maybe I don't have space for it now but you never know! Here are some more pictures:

So you Dutch creative readers, you know what to do... Buy this book, it is worth it!

Weekend & lemonpie

So, how have you been spending your weekend? Mine was primarily in the kitchen. My sister came to dinner yesterday and I made lasagne, it was great. Today we had lunch with family from England. I made a lemon pie which didn't quite work...

This is the picture in the cookbook of how it supposed to look like but unfortunately mine wasn't exactly the same. I'm too embarrased to show you so just enjoy the pretty picture.

When I set the table for the lunch today, I noticed an unintentional Dutch theme with the red, white and blue colours. It looked great and the family loved it!

We had soup and sandwiches and the children loved the breadsticks. All in all a great afternoon. This evening is spend with watching tv, maybe watch a movie and blog a little bit.

Enjoy your evening, what are your plans? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!