maandag 24 augustus 2009


Last week, S and I attented a wedding in the south part of the Netherlands, Limburg, and decided to stay a few days longer (the bride looked beautiful by the way ;-).

We went to the city of Maastricht which I think lookes nothing like the other cities in the Netherlands. Maastricht has a lot of influences of Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium because it's located so nearby the border. So being in Maastricht feels like you're walking in a completely different country and I love it there.

We took a boattrip along the Maas and made a few pictures of the forest.

Now let me explain why being around a forest is so special for me. I live along the sea in a very crowded part of the Netherlands. So every piece of land is being used to built houses on. There are small forests in the area but nothing compared to those in Limburg. And not even mentioning the hills there are over there. You might know that the Netherlands is basically flat, especially where I'm from. But not in Limburg! No, there are actually hills over there, not very high... But there still there.

So again, it doesn't feel like being in the Netherlands. You should really give it a try.

At home

I was working on my computer at home this evening and saw a beautiful sky from my window. I tried to make a picture of it but I'm not wel skilled for that with my camera so it ended up looking like this.

What do you think?