zaterdag 25 april 2009


I want to wish you all a great weekend, enjoy the sun when it shines and just relax...

S is away this weekend with his friends so I have the time to cath up on my reading. This morning, I read a chapter in Eat Pray Love and just now I read an article in the Home and Garden section of the New York Times and saw this great bathroom!

We'll, I'm about to leave to visit family and tonight I'll continue reading the book in bed! Can't wait!

zondag 19 april 2009


I made some pictures last friday. It was a very busy day and to relax, I started making some pictures...

I also bought a new book, Bazar style in the Dutch translation, and I recieved the interior magazine VT wonen by mail.

I had a lot of reading to do but had to work yesterday and enjoyed the sun today so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Have a great week!

zondag 12 april 2009

My neighbourhoud

Yesterday, the weather wass so great, I spend more time outside then inside. I walked around and made a picture of this house which is nearby mine. I love the red door and the stain glass windows! And what do you thonk of the bike?

This is the view from my balcony. It's facinating because there's always something going on... (and yes, that's my laundry that hanging there ;-)

And my downstairs neighbour has the nicest cat ever. Look at him, don't you just love him!

Talk to you soon everybody!


After working for about 11 days, I finally had a few days off!! And for relaxation, I like to bake desserts and cookies, just working with my hands and not think about anything else.

So I started by putting all the ingredients together...

S has got a great cookbook, all about making cakes, pies and cookies. But maybe I like it because the cover is pink!

A little bit of an easter feeling!

That this is the result (what do you think of the butterflies?)...

I put the cookies in two tins and gave them to my sisters because if I eat one more cookie, I will explode out of my dress, ha ha. The diet starts tomorrow, I think...

Have a great easter everybody!

woensdag 1 april 2009

Books, books, books

Last week, I decided to buy a few books because I walked by my favourite bookstore. Everytime I go there, I want to live there! Maybe I can make a few pictures to show you. I just love it...

So I bought eat, pray, love for me from Elizabeth Gilbert for me and the cookbook The Maze from Jason Atherton for S. I saw Elizabeth Gilbert on a episode of Oprah and was interested to read it. So far, it does not dissapoint!

There's also a book in the picture of Ben Canaider & Freg Duncan Powell called Cooking under the influence which S got for his birthday. He hasn't got time yet to read it but I started flipping the pages today and like the pictures of the recipes and liked the lay-out.

Furthermore, S and I finally went last monday to the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the movie who won the oscar for best movie. Wow, I loved it! It really captures how life is in India in the toughest circumstances. I recommendid it to everyone. A few weeks ago, I saw the movie Milk with a friend of mine. Sean Penn starred in it and he won the oscar for best actor for it. Aand soon, I'm going to the Reader which Kate Winslet plays in who won the oscar for best actress. So, I have an Oscars month ahead of me of great movies to see. But on the light side, tomorrow I'm going to Bride Wars and next week to He's just not that into you. Can't week!

Counting down the days till the weekend!