donderdag 26 februari 2009

Flowery shelves

Yesterday the broker came by our house to make pictures for the ad for selling our house. I read a brochure as to how to make you house look to sell it faster. It said to put flowers everywhere and that's what I did. I put flowers on the table and on two shelves. I really liked it but as it turns out, the broker didn't make a picture of my flowers on the shelves so I made one myself.

And I made a picture of the exterior when the sun was shining. Do you see the shade of the tree, I love this picture!

I send the picture of the exterior to the broker so hopefully he'll use it for the brochure. He told us that next week the house will be on sale so it's very exciting!!!

In the meantime, we're looking around for a new house but we haven't found one yet. We don't think that the house will sell quickly, especially now with the economical crisis going on so we're not in a hurry. We've seen some houses and next week we going to look at some other properties so it takes up a lot of our time and thoughts. But it's an exciting time and I'm trying to enjoy it all and not be nervous. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done but in the end, I know everything will be ok. It will all come in good time, just hopefully that will be soon ;-)

Talk to you soon!

zondag 22 februari 2009

Which chair...

First my apologies that I haven't blogged in a while. I've been so busy working and looking for houses. Yes, S and I decided to move to another area in The Hague. We have seen 5 houses so far and a lot more on the internet. But like our different taste in interior, we also like different kinds of houses.. For instance, I like to have a house with a garden and for S that's not a priority.

But ever since we're looking for houses, I have been picturing the interior in my mind and have come to the conclusion that we must have a design piece of furniture. It doesn't have to come right away but eventually in a few years. About what piece of furniture I decided that it has to be a lounge chair. And it's going to be one of these two:

The Ottoman Eames lounge chair

or the Egg easy chair designed by Arne Jacobsen

They are very different in design but both of them look so beautiful to me. I love to see them in a store but so far I have only seen them on the internet. I found a store online where they sell the Ottoman but I haven't found a store where they sell the Egg chair yet. But I'm convinced that when I see them for real, I'll fall in love... And also important, I showed these pictures to S and he likes both of them so the choice is mine!!! I'm so happy with that but in the meantime I'll just look at the pictures and one day I'll sit in one of them. But which one...?

zondag 8 februari 2009

New kitchen

Like I wrote in an earlier post, S and I are looking to move to another area in The Hague. Me in particular wants to move to a home with a garden and for that last weeks we're looking on the internet and walking in the area we would like to live. We have seen a house that has potential but it needs a lot of work. So yesterday we went to look for a kitchen. I know we don't even have a new house yet but what else can you do on a rainy saturday ;-)

S really liked this kitchen:

But I liked this:

Or this, which is similar:

I've told you before that S and I are not on the same length when it comes to interior and taste and that especially annoys me. So I'm very curious how it works out but I'll let you know...

Enjoy your sundays, I'll be at work ;-(

Golden Swan

I'm not really an art fan, especially modern art. When I go to a museum, I like to see paintings from artists like Van Gogh of Rembrandt van Rijn. With modern art I get the impression that I can also make that. But yesterday, S and I were in a shopping mall and we saw this painting of Erik Zwezerijnen and it's called Golden Swan. Immediatly when I saw it and knew I had to have it!

I looked him up on Google and it seems that he is known in the USA and that there are expositions in various cities in the USA and in Europe and I have never heard of him before...

The gallery owner saw that we really liked it and said that we can also ask the artist to make something custom made, especially for us!!! I didn't know what to say but we want a painting of him. We're looking into buying a new house and an artpiece of him could really fit in the interior!!! Ohhh, just a few more months and than hopefully that piece is ours!

maandag 2 februari 2009

New books

Last week I finally recieved my new batch of books that I ordered online. So now I started reading in two books at once. But this is because I have no patience and I'm so excited about the books I bought. Which ones...? Well these:

I would like to thank my favourite bloggers for recomanding these books on their websites. It was a while since I last read a book (because of the no patience thing. Except when I'm on holiday, then I read book after book.)but decided that I wanted these two. So if you have any other suggestions which books regarding interior I slould read, please let me know!

High tea

Last week, we celebrated the my mother's birthday and we went for high tea. We went to this little shop that has a tearoom at the back. I never went there before and loved it!

In the front of the shop you can buy interior things and scarfs. Very beautiful and well put together.

Den Haag The Hague part two

Here are some more pictures that I made of my city...

While I'm writing this, it's snowing outside... I love it when it snows, especially when I'm inside and I know that I don't have to go outside! Enjoy your mondays everyone!