woensdag 29 juli 2009

Julie & Julia

A few days ago I read on the internet about a new movie called Julie & Julia. It will take a few months before it premieres in Europe so click here to see the trailer. Enjoy!

vrijdag 24 juli 2009

The beach

Yesterday S and I had dinner with two friends of ours at the beach of Scheveningen. The Hague is located near the sea and went you want to go to the beach, you can go to Kijkduin or Scheveningen. It's has a special place in my heart because my mother had lived there for about 20 years before the family moved to Maassluis where I was born. But quite often we would go to Scheveningen see the beach. A few years ago I worked in a hotel what was along side the beach and saw the beach everyday. Now I go there to visit my friends and having something to eat and drink on the boulevard. And this is my view:

Our friends live opposite this building which was recently beautiful restored and I love it. We checked out how much it would sell for and it is far over our budget, starting at 350.000 euro. But you can so much for it, everything new and a fabulous view over the sea.

Hmm, maybe in the future...!


A few days ago I was working with a colleague and I brought my camera to work. He took the camera and made a few pictures around the hotel. I think they turned out pretty great!

That's me at the end of the stairs!

woensdag 22 juli 2009

Perfect for the kitchen

I saw this picture a few months ago somewhere in the world of internet (forget where) and saved it on my computer. Today I was checking out all my photo's and saw this one again. I would love to make a little sitting area in the kitchen and that's why S and I are planning to make an open plan kitchen in the new house. Because we both work crazy hours and don't see eachother a lot, we want to be near eachother as much as possible when we're at home. And that means that I don't like cooking because the kitchen in our current home is on the other end of the house. I would love to have an open plan kitchen and a little bar so that one of us is cooking while the other keeps company.

Hopefully I can get a little pink in there one day. Just make sure that S won't notices it because pink isn't exactly his colour...

Have a great day everybody!

dinsdag 21 juli 2009


Hi Guys,

It has been a while... You will not believe the hectic time that has been and is still going on. We found a new buyer for our house but yesterday, the real estate agent told us that the buyer possibly can't buy the house and we will know more at the end of the week. That ,with some family issues, is making me not the most positive person in the world. And I believe that this blog should only have positive things to be talked about so therefore I kept a low profile.

And I will not complain and just carry on. I have to keep on believing that everything will be okay. So I'm sure that the photography will eventually come at some point because it has been some time since I last took a photo and now with the sun shining, I should just go to the beach and start shooting. But it will come.

So please have some patience and the fun will start on this blog which, despite everything, I'm still proud of.

Talk to you soon!