vrijdag 12 december 2008

Christmas at our house

In between work, shopping for christmas presents and just being busy, I had put up the christmas tree!

The other day, there was a man at the hotel singing "It starting to look a lot like christmas" and ever since that song is in my head, ha ha.

S has no idea that these presents are not all for him, hi hi.

My two santa's. Usually, I seperate them and put them in different places but I thought that they looked nice together, don't you think?

Well, It's something nice to come home for, putting on the lights and just enjoy this time of year. Unfortunately, S and me are working during christmas but we are going to celebrate christmas on the 27th so we extended christmas for another day (christmas is celebrated for two days in the Netherlands). We problably going to cook something simple and spend all day in our pj's and enjoying ourselves! I can't wait.

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