zaterdag 5 december 2009


Hello everybody,

Remember me, I'm the girl that never blogs...

I am so sorry for not keeping you updated and leaving messages on my blog but it has been such a hectic time. Between my last post in September and now, a lot has happened. On November 2nd, we recieved the key of our new house in The Hague. We immediatly started painting and making the upstairs ready so that we would be able to live there because the builders would start later that day with the ground floor on the toilet and the ceiling of the living room. Initially we wouldn't going to do the kitchen. The old kitchen would stay and we would buy a new one next spring. But when the builders started working we realised that it would be better to rip out the old kitchen and so that's what we did. We already knew what kind of kitchen we wanted so we ordered it and they ripped the old one out. So we have been out of a kitchen now for almost a month and we have been living there for about three weeks now... The new kitchen will be installed next week and I can't wait. Since last week we could start on decorating the living room and realised that most of the old furniture has to go because the shape and size of the new livingroom is different than the old one. So now everything doesn't look right. So slowly we are changing everything around and buying new furniture and getting rid of old ones.

Internet is finally working so hopefully next time I have pictures to show you. I have been looking at different websites for inspiration and boy, there's a lot out there for interior lovers like me! I can recommend the blog of madebygirl, decor 8 and Yvestown. I check out their website almost everyday and saw some great things. Go and check them out!

Well, so far a little bit about what has been going on. I promise, next time I'll have some pictures of our new house!!

Have a great weekend!

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