zondag 18 april 2010

Lazy sunday

The sun has finally started shining and I'm enjoying it fully!

What am I doing this weekd? Well not much... Bought an stool yesterday at a secondhand store and have sanded it and already gave it three coats of paint. I think it will be finished tomorrow and then I will show you.

Furthermore, nothing exciting, watched some episodes of the Dutch Antique Roadshow called Tussen Kunst en Kitch. I secretly love this show. Every time it's exciting to see if someone has an item in their possesion which is so expensive and they have no idea! Two weeks ago there was a man who had an old wooden statue of an African man and it turned out to have a value of 80.000 Euros!!! I wish I had something at home that is worth a lot of money. Sadly, our budget reduces a lot lately because of the renovation on the house and all kinds of plans we have which we need to save money for. Meanwhile, I'll just bought a stool that I love and is going to look great in the living room and then read a few interior magazines. My sister gave me a few old one of 2008. See if the interior taste has changed of the last two years.

I'll leave you with a few bright pictures and enjoy your sunday!

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