zondag 1 augustus 2010

New Book Maak Het ( Make It)

Last week I bought a new book online. The book is called 'Maak het!' written by Machteld Stilting, it is in Dutch and is about 20 women between 27 - 45 years old who have an creative webshop. It is a shame that this book is not in English because it is so inspiring. It tells the story of the ups and downs of starting and owning a webshop and selling your our selfmade stuff online.

I especially liked the story of Ingrid of Wood & Wool Stool. She works in a hotel, like me, and makes stools of used wood and makes a cover for over the stool. I think that's such a great idea. And because I'm a stool fanatic, I have to have one. Ok, maybe I don't have space for it now but you never know! Here are some more pictures:

So you Dutch creative readers, you know what to do... Buy this book, it is worth it!

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