maandag 15 november 2010

Oxford & High Wycombe

We just returned from a short holiday in the UK. We flew to London Luton and then took the bus to Oxford where we stayed for one night. We stayed at a bed and breakfast which was ok but not great. The sun was shining and we walked all over town and took one of those awful touristic bus trips. The good thing is that you can see everything and get to know about the history of Oxford but still... You could better all wear hats that says: "I am a tourist" because I think it looks horrible. I would like to think that I could blend in with the rest of the people that live there, ha ha. Unfortunately I left my camera at the B&B so no pictures were taken, except the one of this nice house, which I took on the last day of our stay there.

The remaining days we stayed with family in High Wycombe which was great. We try to see each other once a year in The Hague and once a year in High Wycombe. We went to a great outlet shopping centre in Bicester, called Bicester Village . You can buy clothes from all kinds of brands, like G-Star, Diesel, Jimmy Choo, Uggs, etc. S. bought a pair of jeans from G-star and a great shirt from Diesel. I couldn't something unfortunately.

We also went to a park nearby High Wycombe, can't remember the name but took some great photo's!

There was also a playground nearby where I found back my inner child, ha ha!

So to sum it up, a great get away and I can't wait to go back there again! What about you, do you have any plans for a (short) holiday? I would love to hear from you!

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