zondag 7 augustus 2011

Yummy cupcakes

This week I have been busing baking delicious cupcakes! I started talking to my colleagues about cakes and pies and that I would love to bake everyday. Now, I just lost 25 pounds so that would be a big mistake... Fortunately, two colleagues offered to be my CTP's or also known as "Culinary Test Panel"! So this week I made vanilla cupcakes with chocolat icing.

In 2008, Syb and I visited London and before I read an article on a blog about the Hummingbird bakery and I put that on the list of being one of the things to go and eat. Look at this photo of the shop, on't you just love it? If I ever open my own cupcake shop, it will look something like this!

The recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook that I bought a few years ago but never made anything from it yet. So this week was a good week to start!

In the meantime, I'm baking for the CTP's, friends and neighbours and yes also me... Have to go at least four times to the gym if I don't want to be a fat bride in May 2012. Lukily I still have a few months to go, so one (ok, three) cupcakes won't be so bad, will it?

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