woensdag 16 november 2011

From autumn to winter...

It happened before I knew what was going on. Three weeks ago, there were people who stood with their feet in the sea... And now everybody have to put on hats and gloves when they go outside!

I love the autumn and winter. For me it means that I can go inside, create a little nest and enjoy the cold evenings with a blanket, warm clothes and a cup of herb tea. I try to find a photo that represend my feeling about this subject. It took a while and then I found this photo on the Decor8 blog.

Soon it will be christmas and all the beautiful homes in blogland will looks amazing. I can't wait to see photo's of them all! Off course I will try to create an inspiring and beautiful surrounding for us at home. But first we are celebrating Sinterklaas in the Netherlands on December 5. After that then I will start decorating our home and I will show you the result by then.

And what about you, what are your decorating plans? Anything special in mind? Will it be comtemporary, traditional or something in between? I would love to hear and see your plans!

2 opmerkingen:

Iris Vank zei

Ik wacht ook nog even met de kesrtaankleding hoor. En ben nog niet echt bezig met ideeën, al heb ik volgens mij door het jaar heen al wel wat verzameld...

Chelsey zei

I love this photo. It really does capture a cozy feel. Aside from the season of colds and flues, autumn and winter really does present a time for comfort and closeness.