dinsdag 21 juli 2009


Hi Guys,

It has been a while... You will not believe the hectic time that has been and is still going on. We found a new buyer for our house but yesterday, the real estate agent told us that the buyer possibly can't buy the house and we will know more at the end of the week. That ,with some family issues, is making me not the most positive person in the world. And I believe that this blog should only have positive things to be talked about so therefore I kept a low profile.

And I will not complain and just carry on. I have to keep on believing that everything will be okay. So I'm sure that the photography will eventually come at some point because it has been some time since I last took a photo and now with the sun shining, I should just go to the beach and start shooting. But it will come.

So please have some patience and the fun will start on this blog which, despite everything, I'm still proud of.

Talk to you soon!

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