woensdag 22 juli 2009

Perfect for the kitchen

I saw this picture a few months ago somewhere in the world of internet (forget where) and saved it on my computer. Today I was checking out all my photo's and saw this one again. I would love to make a little sitting area in the kitchen and that's why S and I are planning to make an open plan kitchen in the new house. Because we both work crazy hours and don't see eachother a lot, we want to be near eachother as much as possible when we're at home. And that means that I don't like cooking because the kitchen in our current home is on the other end of the house. I would love to have an open plan kitchen and a little bar so that one of us is cooking while the other keeps company.

Hopefully I can get a little pink in there one day. Just make sure that S won't notices it because pink isn't exactly his colour...

Have a great day everybody!

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