zaterdag 6 maart 2010

The rock lamp

I have mentioned before that S and I are not on the same level when it comes to interior. We have had long discussions as to how we would decorate the house. The last house we lived in was my house where he moved in and it was already decorated. So S decided that now it was his turn and wanted to decorate the house with only items that was choosen by him. Now I am not a girl that agrees easily so for months we discussed, discussed and argued from wallcoloring to which baskets shall we buy to put magazines in.

And as some kind of miracle, everything changed and we were on the same level... It became fun to buy furniture together. Like this lamp for instance. S saw it in Trendhopper and loved it right away. I was amazed that he would like something like that but kept my mouth shut. It was too expensive at the time but a few weeks back it was on sale and I bought it as a present for him.

I put it on an antique table that I got from my sister. It didn't feel as it was on the right place at first because both pieces are completely different but now I have decided that it looks great!

Ofcourse, the discussions haven't gone away but we respect eachother more and are willing to make compromises. Maybe not because I tend to go my own way and convince S that it was his decision. Am I terrible of is that a woman thing...?

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Verena zei

That's for sure a girl thing. They call it DIPLOMACY! :-)
The rock lamp looks great, also on the antique table. You have an exquisit taste.