donderdag 1 juli 2010

Above the couch

Last week we decided that something should be hung above the couch. The wall is pretty long so we had to come up with something big because otherwise it would look silly.

And we decided that it would be best to hang different kinds of things. I think it looks great. I printed some of my favourite photo's and the great thing is that it's possible to change it if I want to.

We bought the shelves and the white frames at Ikea, the pink one is a gift but I know it's bought at Zara home and the black ones are from Hema.

I'm waiting for S. to come home from work so that we can pick up an cabinet I bought online. I have already have paint waiting for it. I'll make an before and after to show you the result! And saturday I'm going to de Bonte Kamer, a store that sells secondhand furniture from eastern Europe. I saw a cabinet that we can use as a tv cabinet. All the details will follow!

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