zondag 4 juli 2010

De Bonte Kamer

Yesterday, I went to a store called de Bonte Kamer. This is a store that I found on the internet. They sell furniture from Eastern Europe for a reasonable price. I wasn't quite sure where it was because it said in the city centre of the Hague. So went I was there I was pleasantly surprised. It is located in a warehouse in a great neghbourhood in the city. The guy who works there helped me find the cabinet that I saw online. When I paid he helped me get it into the car and when I got home, I knew it was a great purchase.

It is suppose to go under the tv but I have to sell that first so now it is next to the tv. I actually think that it looks great now too!

Last week I also bought this cabinet online and picked it up last week. I want to paint it in a grey colour and put new knobs on it and then it's brand new again.

I'll show you the after when I'm finished. And check out the website of de Bonte Kamer, they also ship internationally!

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