zondag 2 november 2008

Chocolat fondue

Yesterday, two friends of mine came over. I asked them what they would like to eat, cake or chocolate and both of them said chocolate. So I decided to make a little tea/ chocolate party. Bought some special tea (Sinterklaas- en Zwarte Piet tea from Simon Levelt) and made chocolate fondue (not really myself...) and set the table. Because I have all kind of crockery, I put it together and it looked like this:

The girls looked so happy when they saw that there was chocolate fondue and we ended up talking and eating the whole evening at the dinner table and having a great night.

And because the room felt so comfortable, I tried to make a few nice pictures of the living- and diningroom

So, although there's fall and it's cold, it's still possible to have a great evening inside and be warm. I could encourage everyone to do this at home with their friends.

Have a great evening!

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