zondag 2 november 2008

Grandma's cabinet

My grandmother died a few weeks ago, she was 95 years old. Today I found out from my mother that she married my grandfather. When I was at her home as a child, I used to love her cabinet where she had her paperwork and when I was older I said how much I liked it. So to my surprise, my mother called me to tell me that I get to have the cabinet. S and I picked it up and now it stands in my corridor with a lot of pride!

Before, I had an old coat rack which was really in the way. So I made a little coat hanger myself (it's the one hanging on the left)and now it looks great when you walk inside our house. Maybe I'll buy a little bowl to put our keys in. What do you think, what kind?

Maybe some people think it's old fashioned but I love and it will always stays with me. Everytime I open it, I smell my grandmother. I miss her...

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