donderdag 13 november 2008

the UK, part 2

So last week we went to the UK to visit the cousin of S and his family. They live in High Wycombe which is an hour away from London and we had such a great time! And... I love their home:

Love the kitchen, especially the green tiles!

Love the piano, tried to play a tune but it was too long ago so it sounded rather silly!

They have two children and, well look:

I asked her to smile as adorable as possible...

Doesn't she look adorable, even with the green stuff allover her face?

We had dinner with the family last saturday to celebrate the birthday of S's cousin
and there was a special birthday cake. Guess how old...

The dinner was wonderful, so was the company and the wine which made the evening fantastic.

So thank you dear family for making us feel like home. See you again next year.

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Jennifer Ramos zei

I like the green tiles!! BEAUTIFUL!

Jen Ramos
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