zondag 8 februari 2009

New kitchen

Like I wrote in an earlier post, S and I are looking to move to another area in The Hague. Me in particular wants to move to a home with a garden and for that last weeks we're looking on the internet and walking in the area we would like to live. We have seen a house that has potential but it needs a lot of work. So yesterday we went to look for a kitchen. I know we don't even have a new house yet but what else can you do on a rainy saturday ;-)

S really liked this kitchen:

But I liked this:

Or this, which is similar:

I've told you before that S and I are not on the same length when it comes to interior and taste and that especially annoys me. So I'm very curious how it works out but I'll let you know...

Enjoy your sundays, I'll be at work ;-(

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Anoniem zei

Hi, I really enjoy your blog. I'm traveling to The Hague in July and will stay for a month.
Do u know where i can download a map of The Hague that has information about train station,etc.?
And do u have any advice for me?
Thank you

you can send me an email at kouwagam@yahoo.com