zaterdag 18 september 2010


I love magazines! Maybe I haven't mentioned it much before on my blog, but it is true... I have a subscription on two dutch interior magazines, Ariadne at Home and VT wonen and then I buy the British interior magazine Living Etc every month. Sometimes I also buy 101 woonideeen but not that much. And ususally they arrive in the same week so that on the weekends I can flip through then and read the articles en look at the nice pictures!

This time, the VT wonen magazine was a week late and, no joke, I panicked! Fortunately it arrived today and I couldn't be more happy. So it is an easy day with a cup of tea, a bit of chocolate, the new album by Phil Collins (another love but let's talk about that another time...) and my magazines. Ah what a bliss...

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eva zei

Dear Maud! I am a thirtythree year old living in Italy. i love Dutch architecture and interior design and I dream of subscribing to VTwonen! i cant find a link on that ships abroad (my dutch language knowledge is limited:))...could you find me an online web site or a link which i can fill in and subscribe? i cant wait to get vtwonen in my home!
Dank jij wel!!!