vrijdag 10 september 2010

Our home in VT wonen

You will not believe what happened to me! It was like a dream come true!!! In July I send some photo's of our home to the editors from the Dutch magazine VT wonen. VT wonen is the number one interior magazine in the Netherlands and I always wanted to be in that magazine.

They were looking for people that would like to send in photo's of their home and they would place it on the website. After hearing nothing for two months, they send a email last week to tell me that they would like to publish photo's of our home!!! Ofcourse I did and since last monday, I am proud to tell you that our home is on the VT wonen website!!! You can check it out here.
It is all written in the Dutch language so here is the translation:

Who lives there:
Maud (30) and Sybren (35)

A 1930's double upperhouse in the fruit area of The Hague

A mix of styles. But most of all inspiring.

Not yet but we are getting there. The bathroom, toilet and kitchen are done. Now what's left are the so called tedious jobs: new windows with double glazing, the ceilings on the first floor needs to be plastered, painting the staircase and tidiying the attic.

We bought the house a year ago with the future in mind. After searching for a year and viewing over 30 houses, we are sure that this is a suitable house for us in which we will live for years to come.

Favorite shops
Loods 5, Ikea, Riviera Maison, Combitex, Hema and Sissy Boy Homeland.

I can't tell you how proud I am! I know it sounds strange but I always feld like I was on the wright way with decorating. But now a interior magazine want to publish photo's of our house on their website, it feels right. So my next ambition is to be in a actual magazine! Ohh if only that would happen, I would be in heaven...

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congratulations for having your home on vtwoner blog...hope you will be in magazine soon...enjoy your blog