vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Busy times but now I'm home

How was your week? Did you have some time off and enjoyed every minute of it or have you been working? I have been busy working and it has been a busy week, both professionally and private. In two weeks time, I'll be married and off on our honeymoon but before that happens, We/ I have a lot to do! There's no time sitting still for this girl, ha ha!

S. bought a new, smaller, camera to bring with us on holiday. He bought a Samsung camera and this one is smaller than the one we have. This camera fits easily in your pocket so it's perfect for when we're in New York. I played with it and made a photo of our front- and back room. The quality is very good, don't you think?

Tonight I have no further plans than to sit on the sofa and read blogs and going to bed early. We have an early appointment tomorrow with a woman who will marry us to talk about the ceremony. i'm looking forward to it. Two more weeks and then I'll be mrs. S.!! Love it!

Have a great evening everybody!

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