zondag 13 mei 2012

Favourite Blog: Kath Eats Real Food

A while ago I discovered the foodblog Kath Eats Real Food. It is written by Kath, she’s an American who writes three times a day and usually about food. She’s a registered dietitian and writes and eats normal food and not the crazy diets that you see so many times. Oatmeal is a favourite subject on the blog and that was the reason that I went and tried several kinds of oatmeal and toppings!
kath eats real food
I love reading about her life and how she combines eating real food and exercising. When reading this blog, you really come to the conclusion that food and excercise really belong together to create a balanced, happy live in a healthy body. You don’t have to be suppy skinny or fat and this blog helped me to realise that and have helped me to love the combination food & excercise.
Kath is pregnant at the moment and created another blog, babykerf, where she talks about her pregnancy journey and how to balance this and not grow to big from eating like a crazy person.
Take a look and hopefully be as inspired as I am!

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