zaterdag 12 mei 2012

I love me some oatmeal

Most of you know by now that I love oatmeal! A while ago I read the blog of Kath Eats Real Food and she wrote a piece about her tribute to oatmeal. Kath talks to great about oatmeal that I tried it as breakfast and it got me hooked on the stuff! I was looking for a breakfast that would fill me and would get me through a few hours without craving something bad. and oatmeal does that for me.
So in no time I assembled an oatmeal shelve and this is hoe it looks like!
havermaud 1
I also bought a sign from Wood & Wood Stool which says Havermaud. This is a little joke and difficult to explain in english. The easiest way to explain is that the Dutch word for oatmeal is Havermout. And because my name is Maud, and II used to get teased (and people still do!) because my name sounds just like the word Havermout. So now I just created the word Havermaud to express my love for oatmeal and get a laugh out of it all! Ok, it mays sound a bit silly but my friends and family laughed when they saw the sign and immediatly understood the reason why! I have also created another blog Havermaud where I write in Dutch about my love for healthy food and try to give suggestions how to life healthy.
I have to say that this shelve & sign has brought a personal touch in our kitchen and made it more us. I bought another sign at Wood & Wool stool but that one will be revealed after the wedding!

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