zondag 15 juli 2012

Honeymoon part three: Florida


Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts after I did my daily run!



Watching a baseball game of the Tampa Bay Rays!


Spending the day at Wet’n Wild, couldn’t take any photo’s once we were inside because we were to busy getting on all the rides!



Entrance of Universal Studios



This is the last photo that we took of Universal Studios… Once we got inside, the battery went dead…!



One of the lovely beaches of Florida.



Relaxing at the beach. Usually it was too hot to sit down and we would walk along the shore



We much more enjoyed the pool that came with our holiday home. The temperature was better there and we had it all to ourself!


So, this is the last post of a very nice and unique experience for us: the wedding and honeymoon. Life has gotten back to normal, working, etc. But this is a lovely memory for us and one that’s nice to share with you all!

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