zondag 1 juli 2012

Wedding day May 25, 2012, part one

It has been a while, sorry that I’ve been off the blog radar. This have been busy with the wedding, the honeymoon and going back to work when we got back. I have been using Twitter a lot trying to inspire people to have oatmeal for breakfast and showing some photo’s of the honeymoon. So now it is time to show you a few photo’s of our wedding day!

Normally, it’s a tradition that the bride sleeps at her parents’s home and then the groom picks her up from there. We decided not to do this because we already live together for some time and also because my parents are divorced and both of them don’t live in the same city as us and we wanted to get married in The Hague. So we both got changed in our home, not at the same time because I didn’t want him to see my dress! S. got dressed while I went to the hairdresser. When I got back, I got dressed upstairs and S. went upstairs to come and get me. Here we just had seen each other in our bridal wear!


Then we went by taxi to the wedding location, Pulchri Studio, together with the photographer which is my brother in law.


When we arrived, our guests were standing outside to greet us, it was such a special moment!


We said hello to them all and went to a seperate room and waited while the guests went to the venue where the wedding would took place. We made some photo’s in the meantime.


And then it was time to get married! We made our entrance.


We sat opposite the guests to we could see everybody.


And then the ceremony got started…


End of part one

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