maandag 2 juli 2012

Wedding day May 25, 2012, part two

The wedding ceremony was so special and intimate. We asked our closest family and friends to be there and spend this special day with us.


The ceremony was personal but with a lot of humor.


A lot of jokes were made, we really loved it!


We said our ‘I do’ in front of our witnesses. In the Netherlands there are no best man and maid of honour. They’re called a witness and they agree to be part of the wedding and they are our support during our marriage, in good times and in bad. They stood beside us when we said I do.


Our little nephew gave us the rings. He did such a good job!


Exchanging rings is always a funny moment. I couldn’t get the ring on S.’s finger and finally he had to put the ring on himself!


And here’s the evidence: we’re married!

End of part two…

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Iris Vank zei

Wat zijn jullie prachtig samen!! Heel mooi!