donderdag 1 januari 2009


Last saturday, S and I went to Brussels, Belgium, to celebrate a late christmas. We both worked both christmas days and didn't see each other most of the days so we made plans to celebrate it together in a beautiful hotel, the Dominican, in Brussels.

We went by train and within two hours, we arrived at Brussels central station and a taxidriver took us to the hotel. S told me that the hotel just opened last year and that it was one of the beautiful hotels in Brussels, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The restaurant

A lounge area in the bar

We stayed in an executive room and I really liked the colourscheme they had chosen.

And what can I say about Brussels? Beside the point that the shopping part was a bit dissapointing, I loved the atmosphere, architecture and the people. While we were there, there was a christmas faire which gave us a real christmas feeling. I tried the Gluhwine (warm red whine where you have to put sugar in) and ate traditional waffles, loved it! and S ate, well this...

Because the weather was cold but sunny, I made some pictures of the city.

On saturday evening, the temperature was so cold outside that we decided to stay inside and had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and it was really good. Als the breakfast in the morning was good, so we really enjoyed ourselves.

It's terrible but on the way back from Brussels, we talked about our next holiday and hopefully we're going skiing in Austria next month. But maybe a new citytrip to stockholm maybe... We'll see. I'll keep you informed!

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