zondag 9 oktober 2011

Church bench & photo's and colour...

About two weeks ago, I bought an old church bench through Marktplaats, which you can compare to Ebay but it's only used in the Netherlands.

We bought it from people that got it from an old cathedral but decided that they couldn't use it in their home. And because S. and I were looking for a bench for the dining table, this was perfect. Friday, I started to sand and paint it. S. and I agreed over the colour that the bench was going to be and I went to the hardware store to buy paint. At the last minute I decided that is had to be another colour and choose a soft grey colour. And this is the result!

The before...

And the after!

The cusions are essential if you want to sit there because the bench itself isn't very comfortable. These are random cushions that we have at home but I want to buy or make ones that will fit the sitting area.

And while I was painting the bench, we talked about doing something with the back wall and the photos because it looked a bit empty and dull. At the moment, I am going through a purple and grey phase and bought purple paint, so it was supposed to be...

But when I painted the wall, it wasn't the colour that I had in mind. I did continue with the paintwork and S. hang the photos up and we will leave it for about a week. If we still don't like the colour, I repaint it with another colour.

The only problem is which colour? I like a bright fuchsia but S. wants a blue colour. So we need help in choosing a colour. And that's where we need you! Please help us by giving tips that we can do with the wall and the photos. You can do this by leaving a message on my blog! Please help us from making another bad colour decision!

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(Je mail kwam terecht in mijn spam-inbox: geen idee dat ik die had. Jammer, want ik heb 500.000 pond, een mercedes benz en verloren gewaande familie in nicaragua gemist. ;) Ik probeer morgen naar het postkantoor te gaan!)