woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Rearranging the front room

Now that the autumn is definitely is here, I feel the need to do things around the house and rearranging the furniture.

I just sold eight(!) diningroom chairs and haven't decided what to place back. We did buy the old church bench and placed a few stools but I need something more. When I have made a decision and have bought them, I will let you know!

S. and I live in an old 1930 house and we have a front and backroom with two fireplaces. My brother-in-law just removed a tree from his garden and he had an big piece of wood left and gave it to us. I placed it in the fireplace and put some candles on them. It really looks good in the evening and you have the feeling that there's an actual fireplace burning, only without the warmth...

To see the candles better, I put the sidetable to the other side of the room, next to the Riviera Maison chair and the painting of Erik Zwezerijnen.

It looks better this way, altough the colour of the table is a bit dark and would look better when it's painted in a lighter colour. But this table is so old and not mine (my sister borrowed it temporarily to me and that was six years ago...) so I can't just paint it. Maybe I will rearrange it all again, we will see. It fun anyway to change the furniture every once in a while, let's just hope that S. agrees with me...

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