zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

The joy of a gift

So sorry you guys for not posting something on my blog. It has been a hectic week because a dear family member is in hospital and I'm trying to be at her side every free minute I have. So it is going to be a bit more quiet overhere but I'll try to make as much time to write something nice because life isn't only about the bad stuff...

So here's something nice! About two weeks ago I won the fantastic give away from Iris on the Enigheid blog .

Now I never win anything but now I did! Iris made a fantastic pillow herself and I'm just in love with it! I also love the wallpaper where she wrapped the pillow in!

There was a very nice card from her as well which I saved and is standing on my fire place mantle.

Thank you very much Iris! it is nice to know that there are also good things in life!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

5 opmerkingen:

Iris Vank zei

Wat staat 'ie goed op je bank! Ik ben blij dat hij bij jou terechtgekomen is. Heel veel beterschap voor je familielid! Ik hoop dat het letterlijke en figuurlijke zorgen snel voorbij is.

Kerry zei

I stumbled across your blog randomly and took a quick tour of your home. It felt odd reading your blog and not saying hello, so hello from Carlton, Oregon, USA.

Nicegirl zei

Hi Iris,

Dank je wel voor je lieve bericht. Sorry dat ik nog niet heb kunnen reageren op je email. Het is ff een hectische tijd maar dank je wel! En het kussen staat inderdaad leuk! Spreek je snel!

Nicegirl zei

Hi Kerry, very nice of you to leave a comment! I just looked at one of your blogs and that looks great too! Do you also love interior just like me?

Iris Vank zei

Ik ken het, die drukte. Geeft dus helemaal niks!!