zondag 26 oktober 2008


I've stayed home the last couple of days because I wasn't feeling very well. Probably a flu and a cold so I didn't do much the last couple of days. Even eating wasn't something I was in the mood for. And knowing me, then I must be really ill... The only thing I like to eat when I'm ill is soup. So I made homemade vegetable soup and it tasted pretty good.

At least it's healthy and it made me feel warm when I drank it.

I'm going back to work this afternoon but I still don't feel well but try finding a replacement on a rainy sunday evening... Maybe I'll stay at home tomorrow but I really hope this darn flu will disappear.

Have a nice sunday everyone. If the weather is a bad where you live, I recommend a nice movie, maybe Made of Honour. That is, if the partner agrees. I watched it together with S and he liked it too...

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