zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

The name Nicegirl: where does it come from?

About 9 years ago, I watched the movie You've got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and it immeditaly became my favourite movie! In that time, I really wanted to own a bookshop and it was my dream that it would look just like the store in the movie. After watching it for numerous times I started noticing other things such as which locations they used of New York (they talk about that in the special features on the dvd), the funny dialogue and the fact that there's no violance or bad words used.

The charactare of Meg Ryan has a screen name online which is Shopgirl and when I started to go online (in 1999, Internet was rather new, for all you young people), I wanted to have Shopgirl as a screen name as well. Unfortunately, so did a lot of others so I had to think about another name and made up Nicegirl because I'm a girl and I'm nice. Some things are better when you don't think about it that much ;-).

See here for the trailer of the movie for those who have forgotten or those who have never seen it (shame on you!!!)

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