zaterdag 17 september 2011

Do I love Paris of New York?

Yesterday I watched the film Paris, je t'aime and a few days before that, New York I love you. Just sitting relax with a cup of tea, lighting the candles while the sun is slowly disappearing earlier everyday, fall is actually happening...

After seeing both films, I have to say that I prefer Paris je t'aime more. Maybe it has something to do with that I know the city better. A few years ago I worked as an intern in a hotel in Paris and got to know the city very well. My favourite spot is just outside of the Louvre museum and sitting there, watching a the people pass you by. New York I haven't seen yet but S. and I are planning a three week honeymoon to the east coast of the USA and we'll start in New York. We're so excited about it but more about that another time!

While I was watching the film, I saw the sun disappearing and made a few photo's of the front room, also looking into the backroom. It lookes to homy, a great start for the weekend!

What are your plans for this weekend? S. and I are going to shop a little, I need some yarn and a new dress and S. needs some clothes too. Tomorrow, I will be spending most of my time behind the pc and working to finalizing my school assignment.

I wish you all a nice weekend and talk to you soon!

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