woensdag 14 september 2011

Moodboard 3

I promised you that I would show you more off the working space where I work and craft.

Don't think too much about this room because it is a laundry room where I have put my desk, laptop and sewing machine. I had one empty wall and decided to make another moodboard, just because you can't have enough of them, am I right?

Again, this is a piece of softboard with fabric around it. The fabric is from Ikea and the pictures are from magazines and personal pictures, see the lovely picture of S.?

It was a bit empty first but yesterday I found a binder which had a lot of images in them from magazines that I have ripped out and saved. Luckily, it came in handy.

Today, I'm going to the fabric market and hopefully I can find some more fabric and make a few more moodboards. I have no idea where to hang them so maybe I should sell them.... Hm, let's just wait first if I can find something and then who knows! I feel a small business coming up, but first come up with a name... let me know if you have come up with one!

Have a great sunday!

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