zaterdag 10 september 2011

Afraid of the sewing machine...!

Lately I feel the urge to create something...

There's a sewing machine upstairs on the attic where it has been standing there doing almost nothing since I bought it. Only once did I use it and that was when my sister was here and she helped me to repair a pair of pants... the machine came with instructions which I haven't read yet so maybe I should start with that first...

It seems I'm almost afraid of the thing because of the possibilities on it's part and the lack of know-how on my part. my plan is that I'll read the instructions today and start to use the sewingmachine tomorrow. Tomorrow there's a fabric market nearby where I'm going to and buy some nice fabric. I have all these plans and now I'm planning to really start doing something with it! What the plans are, I can't tell yo yet because it's a surprise gift for a few friends and family.

What I can tell you is that I'm planning to make little hearts and hang them in branches that stand nearby the window.

I got this idea from a Dutch interior design magazine 101 Woonideeen.

As soon as I find a nice fabric tomorrow and figure out how the sewingmachine works, you will be the first one to see the result!

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