maandag 30 april 2012

Bachelorette & Queens day weekend...

What a weekend I had... Last Saturday my friends and family surprised me with a bachelorette party! I already had a suspicion that it would take place this weekend. But when the morning passed and S. and I went to the gym and came back, there was nobody there so I thought that I had it all wrong. and then the doorbell rang and there they were! I don't have any pictures yet, only these two that we made after we were finished with wild water rafting.... I am not kidding you! The whole day was wonderful: first a lunch at restaurant Het Heden, then wild water rafting and we ended the day at the nice restaurant in Schevening nearby the beach. It was wonderful and I was totally tired when I got back home. But I'm sure that I will never forget the lovely day!

This is me with my niece Ruby, look how tired we were after our water rafting experience! They made me wear a tiara and a sash that said "The world most beautiful bride". The sash kept falling of my shoulders so this proves that I would have been a terrible beauty queen, haha. On Friday, my friend Paula and I baked cupcakes for her and a banana cake for me. Luckily, when the girls arrived to get me, I could give them all a slice. they loved it!

Today we all had the day off in the Netherlands to celebrate the birthday of our queen Beatrix. And that means that you start the day with orange pastry and tea!

We celebrated the day with S.'s family in a small village named Wateringen. The weather was nice, the temperature was nice and we all had a great time!

Well, I'm totally worn out and ready for bed. Have a great week and talk to you soon!

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Ruby zei

Wat een leuke foto van ons! We zien er inderdaad erg moe uit haha. Wat lief dat je me blog linkt! xxxx