zaterdag 21 april 2012

Start of a 'computer' weekend

Good morning everyone and let this be a great weekend for all of you!

you won't believe how early I got up this morning! S. is away with friends for a bachelor party (not his yet) and he's coming home tonight. And because I'm not used to him not being here, I didn't sleep very well. Now, I'm usually a morning person anyway so I might as well start the day and enjoy it!

I will be glued to the computer this weekend because I want to finish my project for school and then I'm done! It will take a few hours but that's ok. I'm also planning to do a little bit of blogging and baking in between! So I'll be mixing business with pleasure, ha ha!

I want to finish this post with a lovely picture, made by Eline Pellinkhof. She's on my list of favourite interior blogs and I love here pictures! You should really take a look!

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