woensdag 11 april 2012

A different lifestyle

While enjoying a nice cup of tea, I thought it was time to give you a little update about what has been going on lately.

Our wedding is coming very soon now, just 6 more weeks and I will be mrs. S! We're getting married at a galerie in the city centre of The Hague, at one of the best locations I've ever been to! The ceremony will take place there and after that a small reception. We'll be with about 40 people so enough that S. and I will have enough time to mingle with everyone.

The honeymoon will be directly after the wedding reception is over! We're going for three weeks to the USA!!! First five days to New York City and then for two weeks to Florida!!! After that, we return to New York and will stay for two days in Brookyn before we go back to Amsterdam. I'm counting down the days as, I'm sure, you can understand! I've been looking on the internet and reading several blogs to get as much information about things to see and places where we have to eat! If you have a great suggestion, let me know!

To look fabulous in my wedding gown (can't show pictures just yet!), I've been working out like a crazy person! It started at the beginning of this year, at first it started out about looking good in The Dress. But then it quickly became about something else. I realised that I've been battling with my weigth since I was 21 years old. And since then it has fluctuated up and down. I have clothes in at least three different dress sizes and that's crazy, right? So I realised that it should not be about just losing the weigth but also to live a healthier life and maintain an active lifestyle.

So weekly, I work out about 4 to 5 times a week: running two or three times a week and going to the gym for about two times a week. Last month, I ran my first 10 km in a race and will participate in another race this weekend and run another 10 km and hopefully beat my first time which means that I have to be faster than 1 hour and 2 minutes. I'm really looking forward to it!

Regarding weigth, I lost almost 7 kilos, which is about 15 pounds, since the beginning of this year! Last year I also lost a lot of weigth but gained a few kilos back again but now my weigth hasn't been this low in about 12 years! I'd still like to loose 2 or 3 kilos and then I would have the same weigth as when I was 19 years old! Can you imagine, this means that throughout my twenties I was allways a bit overweigth! and now in my thirties I'm determined to remain or stay close to this weigth, which is about 70 kilos or about 154 pounds.

I would like to take you on this journey by talking and learning, both you and me, about the right kinds of food and experimenting a lot along the way!
I believe that variety in your food and life is essential to keep those pounds off! Of course, my home and interior is still very important to me so I gues it is going to be more about my lifestyle and how I live my life! I really like that idea and am super exited to let you all back into my life again!

Sorry to keep you waiting but I'm back now and looking forward to hear a lot from you!

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