woensdag 11 april 2012

Dinner tonight: chicken with cheese and no carbs?

Tonight I didn't go to the gym. Because I'm running a 10 km this sunday and my muscles don't feel all that fine, I decided to stay at home tonight. This gave me the change to clean the house a bit, fold laundry and cook. This way I'm still doing a bit of exercising (we have a lot of stairs in our home!) instead of sitting on the coach and doing nothing.

S. is usually working four evenings a week, this gives me the change to try different reciped and ingredients that I know he doesn't like. Cheese for example, S. hates it and therefore we normally never have it at home. But we had our mothers over for Easter brunch and I bought cheese for them and we had some leftovers. So I grilled a chicken breast, put it in the oven with a different vegetables and topped it off with a bit of cheese. to give the vegetables a bit more taste, I added soya sauce and lemon juice. it was delicious...

I had no rice or pasta with it which gave the change of having two small slices of Easter bread for dessert. I put it in the oven for a few minutes because we don't have a toaster. The sugar caramalised the bread and I topped it with a little bit of butter. I was in heaven!

Just worked on the layout of my blog, again. it's getting better but I'm still not completely satisfied. Expect to see more changes along the way!

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