donderdag 12 april 2012

An ordinary day

If I'm working during the week, I have a fulltime job, I leave the the house at around 07.30 am and get on my bike and ride to work. It's about an twenty minute ride so that's easy to do.

Before I leave, I make breakfast and make and pack my lunch. Today I had three pumpkin yeast sandwiches with grilled chicken. I also pack a tomato and at the restaurant at work, I usually have a small salad from the salad bar. I also pack a sandwich with apple syrup for later in the day because I'm going to the gym straight after work and if I don't have anything to eat at around three pm, then I'm for sure going to eat something bad!

So lunch is packed and off to work!

At my desk I have a rolling cabinet with my 'goodie' draw. I mostly have healthy stuff in there: green energy tea from Yogi tea, Matze crackers, rye bread which I usually have a piece of in the morning and some fruit. There's a candy jar in our office but I have hidden it so I'm not tempted to have any!

After lunch, I had a wonderful cappuccino from the coffee place in our office building. the milk is not skimmed but I allow myself one per week and it really helps me feeling full.

I had the sandwich at four but, unfortunately, also a few pieces of chocolate... I was so embarrassed that I didn't take any pictures of it!

I left the office at five, went straigth home, got changed and went to the gym. First I did strength training for half an hour and worked on my legs, arms, back and belly. After that I did some cardio training for 50 minutes but not very intense this time because I'm running a 10 km on sunday and I really don't want any injuries! But is was still good because I burned 700 calories in total!

I was done at 7.30 pm and went home, took a quick shower and had dinner which were leftovers from earlier this week: grilled chicken breast with green beans and brown rice. I gave it a bit more taste with soya sauce and lemon juice.

For dessert, I had a few bites of this:

This is yoghurt with no fat and hardly any sugar. I bought it for S. because I usually never eat this. I mean, no fat and hardly any sugar in it, what is in it then? Although I have to say that I like their coconut flavoured drinking yoghurt...!

So, that's my day for today. I'm working on a grocery list because I'm doing groceries tomorrow after work.

Have a great evening and talk to you soon!

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