zaterdag 28 april 2012

Favourite blog: Wood Wool stool

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a great week and are ready to start the weekend, I know I am! I had a busy week, filled with work, finishing my project for school, exercising, baking and cooking!

Yesterday I had another baking friday and this time with my dear friend and neighbour Paula. We made cupcakes and banana cake, I made pictures and will show you later this weekend!

In the Netherlands, people are having a three day weekend because on Monday we're celebrating the birthday of the queen, also known as Queens day! In almost every city or town there's festivities, markets and people are dressed in orange. S. and I will spend the day with family and I'll be sure to make lot's of pictures! The rest of the weekend remains to be seen but it looks like it's going to be a calm one!

To start the weekend with some inspirations, I want to share a great blog with you: Wood & Wool Stool. I've been reading this blog for a while now and am loving it! The lady of the blog, Ingrid, runs a small company Wood & Wood Stool and sells stools, frames, signs, christmas trees that are made of old wood and wool. furtermore, you can find the most beautiful pictures of her home, it's really inspiring! I have bought a christmas tree of her last year and loved it! I would also love a stool but we already have so many stools around here. But then again, what is wrong with another stool around the house, ha ha!

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