zondag 22 april 2012

Oatmeal sunday

Hi Everyone,
And good morning on a dreary sunday here. The weather forecast says that it remains rainy and greyish all day. But yesterday it started rainy and grey but ended with sunshine and blue skies! So I have my fingers crossed!

I spent the day at my computer, as promised, and actually finished the whole assignment! I send it to my teacher for a last check before I hand it in and then that's done! And maybe start with another course but what, I don't know!

So today will be a more relaxing day, but still enough to do around the house. But first... breakfast!

I made oatmeal along with a tablespoon of chiaseeds, a little bit of vanilla extract, a bit of cinnamon and topped it of with Turkish yoghurt, almond butter and coconut. it was, as always, delicious! Along with my dear friend, sliced apple, it was a great start to the day.

I bought Turkish yoghurt for the first time. I saw it at the supermarket and read on the label that it only had three percent of fat and Greek yoghurt normally has ten percent of fat. I have to say that it was nice but I need to try some more to give it a real opinion.

S. had a great time at the bachelor's party but has to go to work today so he'll be gone soon and I'm going to the gym. Haven't been there in a week and I need to get back there! Have eaten a lot of good, good food but still a lot, and I need to get in bridal shape! Still five more weeks to go! It's going really fast all of a sudden and we're ready for it!

Have a great sunday!

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